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About Us

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Erin Francey

All hearts are full, all minds are enlightened.

Erin has a passion for spreading joy and light.

Help us make a better tomorrow!

A Landmark in Your Life


Meerestone stands as a defining landmark on the journey to self-fulfillment, continued growth and financial independence. We strive to make a positive, inspiring, and substantial difference for all individuals within our network and beyond. We lead by example and we are committed to helping everyone achieve their goals.

Our core beliefs are: education, motivation, family, health and wellness. We want to ensure all families are have the opportunity to experience, grow and prepare for their futures. We will achieve this with quality housing, health & financial education, support, and leadership.
Meerestone invests in people and properties today, to help ensure a better tomorrow.

We have fun!

Help Habitat Build Homes for Deserving Families!

Michel Lafleur

All people living lives of opportunity and wellness. Michel is on a mission to raise the vibe!

Our Mission

We Help You Create a Positive Difference

What is your vision for success? We start with your why and what you hope to achieve in life and help you create a roadmap to success!


02. Help you Achieve your Financial Goals

We wish everyone had the opportunity to experience financial independence and freedom. Let us help you achieve your version of success!


03. Help Protect You and Your Family for the Future

By investing in your future today, you protect your loved ones for tomorrow. Let us show you how Real Estate can lay your foundation for a financially healthy tomorrow.